Monday, April 25, 2011

Accessory for my BlackBerry Torch 9800: Cocoon's Grid-It

Is it really an accessory for my BlackBerry Torch 9800, or a mobilised accessory? Does it really matter?

This is the small version of Cocoon's Grid-It (available in 3 sizes), and given my passion for black (BlackBerry, black leather satchel (seen partly in the background), etc), of course it had to be black (it does come in other colours).

The purpose of the Grid-It for me anyway, is to keep neat and tidy all the bits and pieces I use during my mobilised life.  Can you see:

  • Ear phones
  • Spare Torch battery
  • Extendable micro USB cable
  • Mobile 3G USB Stick
  • A couple of rechargable portable power devices
  • Spare cable
  • Place for other items (like BlackBerry OEM headset) in zippered rear section
And it is perfect for me during my regular flights around the country..... simply pull it out of my satchel and place in the seat pocket. Absolutely perfect!

No more ferreting around trying to find bits and pieces.......all safely secured.

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