Sunday, August 16, 2015

A career job with a purpose

I started with HELP Enterprises on the 9th June 2015, and I guess today marks 2 months with this fabulous organisation.

HELP Enterprises marks a first for me ... the first employer I've worked for who hasn't been seeking profit for profit's sake, profit to line the shareholders' back pockets, or profit to keep the board well funded.

In a nutshell, HELP Enterprises' drive for profit is all about "enhancing the lifestyle and independence of people with disabilities", pure and simple.

I've never experienced anything quite like it, and relishing the environment within the organisation I work for.

Let's be clear though, HELP Enterprises' various divisions are there to make profit for sure, but it's what the profit is used for makes all the difference ... "enhancing the lifestyle and independence of people with disabilities".

Now, if you slightly alter HELP Enterprises' mantra to "enhancing the lifestyles and independence of people with disadvantages", it makes perfect sense to me, why HELP Enterprises won 3 jobactive contracts (Brisbane North (Somerset), Brisbane South East and Gold Coast), leveraging from & building on the experience in Disability Employment Services.  A logical step forward.

To support our 3 jobactive contracts, HELP Enterprises now has 37 jobactive sites throughout South East Queensland, and 3 Business Development Managers (one for each contract's region). As the BDM for Brisbane South East, Employment and Training, my role is to introduce HELP Enterprises to the medium to large enterprises / corporates / organisations and have a conversation.

There are no specific pre-conceived outcomes sought in having these conversations, just an intent to keep it open and honest.  Of course, as you would expect from my job title, Employment and Training are a key part of the conversation I bring to the table, but there are some amazing divisions of HELP Enterprises, underpinning what we do, that are also introduced:
  • Manufacturing (including MailSafe, BinSafe, Traditional Awnings)
  • Training (Qualifications, unaccredited programs and short courses, VET in Schools)
  • Schools: Hospitality, Technical Studies, Community Services & Business
  • Fison Food Factory
  • Wholesale Nursery
  •  Logistics
  • Packaging & Assembly Services
HELP Enterprises has been referred to in the past as "Brisbane's best kept secret" and that's changing, one conversation at a time.

I am proud to be a part of the HELP Enterprises' family and assist with the growth and recognition of a fabulous organisation, that since 1968, has been "enhancing the lifestyle and independence of people with disabilities".

I am open to a conversation .... are you?


homas Skennerton, Business Development Manager, Brisbane South, Employment & Training, HELP Enterprises