Sunday, August 2, 2009

Handy apps to assist with my mobile BlackBerry productivity

It is no secret that I am working towards being able to do everything I need to from my BlackBerry.

For social/networking I use the following:
• SocialScope for twitter and Facebook ( or @SocialScope on twitter)
• Facebook application for BlackBerry
• Viigo for all my RSS feeds ( or @Viigo on twitter)
• Bit.lify (URL shortener for BlackBerry directly from your menu)
• Snap2twitter
• Xing application for BlackBerry ( or @xing on twitter)
• BrightBerry
• GyPSii ( or @GyPSii on twitter)

For blogging:
• WordPress Wicked App from ScreamingToaster ( or @Izabel_Idris_ST on twitter)
• Tumblr for BlackBerry
• Email for blogger (although ScreamingToaster are working on integrating blogger & Typepad blogs with their awesome application)
• SnapScreen or ZonaSnap (screen capturing)

Helpful business/productivity applications:
• Anagram (captures data from email signatures and adds into your contacts)
• Action Pad (currently in beta) replacing your original Memo Pad (not to be deleted though)
• Copy All: able to copy a complete email simply & quickly
• Save Number as: instead of the default saving number as work number, this one provides you with home, mobile or work options.
• Forward with edit: allows you to edit an email prior to forwarding onto someone else.
• Onto task: turns a received email into a task, which then in turn, synchronises with Outlook.
• Onto calendar: turns a received email into a calendar entry, which in turn, synchronises with Outlook.
• Remind Me Later: a simple added menu option to remind you of a call, SMS, email, appointment at a later time.
• Send Timely SMS: never forget an important anniversary ever again. Program in a message and time its delivery...set and forget.
• QuickLaunch: assign a hot key to quickly access the myriad of applications installed on your BlackBerry
• IntelliLaunch: a search function for anything that is stored in your BlackBerry whether it is the internal memory or on the SD Card. Also shows battery life and BlackBerry PIN
• MindBerry: mind mapping on your BlackBerry and exportable to your laptop/PC
• QuickPull: quickly and easily do a soft reset of your BlackBerry without having to complete a battery pull.
• WhatsApp: allows other who are connected to you to see if you are available, without having to ask (@WhatsAppInc on twitter).
• Google Maps: self explanatory.
• Vlingo: voice activation. You can create emails, SMS others, create tasks, remind yourself, call people, search for things, as well as post to twitter and Facebook, all of which activated by one hot key.

Inbuilt applications in the BlackBerry that may not be commonly used:
• AutoText: a simple way of creating words/phrases/signature panels/whole sentences simply by keying a couple of letters into an SMS, email, SocialScope, BlackBerry Messenger etc, and hitting the space bar (eg. "pif" becomes #payingitforward from my AutoText list)
• Tasks: anyone who practices the 4D's (delete, delegate, do it, & date activate) with time and workload management, would welcome the Task folder, which synchronises perfectly with Outlook.
• BlackBerry Messenger: a BlackBerry to BlackBerry (or PIN to PIN) messenging service: quick, simple and free. Like Instant Messaging, it requires other users to accept you as a contact.

This is the list of applications that I use on a daily basis... I haven't provided links to everything here, but as they say in the classics... google is your friend.

I hope it helps you also.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

#followfriday: my twitter list

Followfriday is a phenomenon on twitter, and if you don't know about it, you are either very new to twitter, or have been living under a rock. Basically, #followfriday (the hashtag is to assist with search visibility) is a process whereby twitter users recommend some of their followers for others to follow ....a sort of #sharingthelove or #payingitforward in the twitterverse.

There are various ways people undertake #followfriday:

  1. Mass blanket list of recommended followers with no background;

  2. Individual #followfriday recommendations with a tweet filled with why others should follow this person;

  3. Group #followfriday tweets (eg. a BlackBerry group of twitterers)... this is the option I used;

  4. Retweeting someone else's list; either as a way of saying thank you, or a self-promoting exercise by someone trying to increase their friends on twitter; or

  5. Someone hijacking another's #followfriday tweet and turning it into their own (this is maninly a sefl-promoting exercise to increase friend numbers).

Now remember, I am not condemning, nor condoning any of the afore mentioned methods, as I respect an "each to their own" process here. But I am changing mine... and the reasons are simple.

Currently in my work, I commute between Brisbane and Melbourne (two capital cities on the eastern seaboard of Australia), and the half the commutes are undertaken on a Friday, usually smack in the middle of #followfriday, so therefore I place a huge amount of pressure on myself to not only respond to everyone else's tweets, but to get my #followfriday tweets out as well.

And so comes this blog post.... my #followfriday list recommendations. I will over time update the lists as my friends and followers evolve, but for now, this is the one.

Inspirational #followfriday twitterers:

Good friends #followfriday:

There are my good friends who don't fit into my allotted categories....yet, and perhaps they never will, but one thing I know, they are there for me when I need them, and I am there for them:

iPhone friends/sparring partners #followfriday:

These are my iPhone friends (can a passionate BlackBerry user/abuser ever be friends with an iPhone user? Well, of course he/she can, and I am):

BlackBerry #followfriday legends:

These probably are my core group of twitter friends, mainly because they too are very passionate about BlackBerry devices, they are mobile (so are on twitter a lot of the time), and they are truly a helpful and friendly bunch (just don't rubbish the BlackBerry without having very good evidence on your side) (in no particular order):

So this is my #followfriday list.... I will no doubt realise this isn't a complete list and will make some adjustments as the upcoming weeks roll out.

I can wholeheartedly recommend any of these fabulous individuals. #payingitforward