For anyone who owns, or has owned (do they own you?) a Beagle, I am sure you'll twig to this right away.

Generally speaking, Beagles have a number of key traits that are very useful for networking purposes, and my Rahi (essentially Hindi for "traveler": yes, this is Rahi in the photo) displays these manners daily, especially when he is networking (ie. going for a walk, or playing in a leash-free dog park):
  • Boldness: Rahi is not afraid to walk up to you, as a complete stranger, and say "hi";
  • Size (or read: importance) does not matter: It simply doesn't matter about your apparent size, or importance, Rahi will still want to walk on over and say "hi";
  • Open to meeting new people (or dogs): Life for Rahi is interspersed with daily walks, where he encounters new people and dogs regularly, and he always wants to say "hi" to each and every one;
  • Pleasantly happy: Even if Rahi's day was a forgettable one (and who hasn't had one of those?), he will still greet me (or anyone visiting), or anyone out walking for that matter, with a happy face, positive body language, and a tail that is madly wagging;
  • Remembers you: Once Rahi has met you once, he doesn't seem to forget anyone;
  • Appreciative and well-mannered: Whether it is presenting him with a flash new soft toy (like his bunny), or a simple scruff around his floppy ears, he always responds in the same way .... happily appreciative;
  • He's got your back: Rahi always keeps an eye out on his friends, whenever he is around them: you can trust him.
It's amazing what my little Rahi has taught me, and I hope it has helped someone else.

I hope you have a productive week.