Saturday, July 11, 2009

Maintaining your trackball

A while ago I found my BlackBerry Bold's trackball starting to become quite unresponsive when scrolling down (all other actions were normal).

A few of my fellow CrackBerry users suggested replacing the trackball, canned air & one suggested a phone cleaning spray.

I can say I didn't want to operate on my Bold, so tried the canned air, which after a number of goes, did succeed in restoring full functionality to my Bold's trackball.

But maintaining/servicing the trackball... this is where the phone cleaning spray has come into its own. For approximately $20AUD I purchased the spray, which came complete with a polishing cloth.

Do your own research first, but I find spraying/misting the front of my Bold, and then immediately polishing the spray off with the cloth, at least once a week, keeps not only the face of my BlackBerry really clean & shiny, but I am certain, ensures the trackball continues to perform its required functions.

Maintenance which doesn't take much time, nor cost a lot.

Give it a try, especially if your trackball is unresponsive.


1 comment:

  1. Thank You Thomas, thats been a great help. :-)

    I will let you know the score with Marks compressed air.