Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who uses BlackBerry Messenger?

Most BlackBerry users I come across don't use it, nor understand this brilliant little application, which comes standard with every BlackBerry device, and quite seriously, should be embraced by all BlackBerry users.

So allow me to expand on the BlackBerry Messenger...

Each BlackBerry comes with its own unique PIN (for yours go Options>Status>PIN) and the PIN is your identity for BlackBerry Messenger.

Like instant messaging, the BlackBerry Messenger relies on you sending an invitation to someone (you need their PIN or at least their email address initially) and they accepting it. Once "contacts" you can PIN Message each other, and again, like instant messaging, your conversation is shown, line by line, emoticon by emoticon. And yes, you can invite others to the conversation.

What does it cost? Absolutely nothing... free... nada... nothing! And it doesn't access your beloved data plan either.

But wait, there's more... there is even a social website set up primarily for BlackBerry PIN users ... . Check it out and say hi to Keston.

And for the record, my current BlackBerry Bold's PIN is 255B98A9 so feel free to add me.




  1. I'm a big fan of BBM. I'm able to chat with my friends around the world without international SMS charges as well as having delivery confirmation. Nice piece and thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for your positive comments... I really do appreciate it :)