Sunday, May 17, 2009

Customising your BlackBerry's home screen: the icons

One of the many overlooked features of a BlackBerry, is the ability to customise the home screen.

Previously I explained how to change your home screen's wallpaper or picture. Now, let's talk about the icons, more specifically, moving them around to suit you!

Included in any new or newish BlackBerry are many icons, covering a wide range of applications. Some of these are already on your home screen, and you may not want access to these. Others, are stored/filed in a number of folders found on the home screen (eg. Applications, Instant Messaging, Games & Set Up), and you may want access to some of these. Any new applications you download on your BlackBerry (eg. SocialScope Lite , twitterberry, Viigo, yatca, SplashID, ActionPad, etc) will be initially placed into your Downloads folder, and no doubt, you will definitely want most of these on your home screen.

So how do you go about moving your icons to customise your home screen?

The pictures here (taken directly from my BlackBerry Bold using an application called SnapScreen) outline the full way of moving an icon, in this case SocialScope Lite.

A similar method is used to move an icon from a folder to the home screen, but instead of selecting "move", you simply select "move to folder", then select "home".

To hide an icon, highlight the icon, from the menu select "hide". To retrieve a hidden icon, from the home screen, using the menu option, select "show all", highlight the icon, using the menu option, uncheck 'hide", using the menu, uncheck "show all".

Now you have the ability to:

• Move an icon

• Move an icon from a folder to the home screen (and vice versa)

• Hide an icon (or retrieve a hidden icon)

Have fun.


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