Sunday, November 15, 2009

BlackBerry Users: how do you connect with others? Paying It Forward

I love it when I can connect with other BlackBerry users, regardless of where they geographically are, what level of usage they use their BlackBerry, or their level of experience.

I connect with BlackBerry users via the following sites (of course non BlackBerry users can also connect with me):
• Twitter (
• Facebook (
• BlackBerry Messenger (255B9281)
• FriendFeed (
• LinkedIn (
• Xing (
• Tumblr (
• (

The good thing is most of these sites are available right from your BlackBerry, which is what I am all about...sharing the love about the BlackBerry way of getting things done, and paying it forward to anyone who needs assistance/advice/or even an ear or shoulder.

I enjoy the real satisfaction, a warm glow, when someone asks for BlackBerry advice, or if one of my friends introduces me to another BlackBerry user.

But I am not alone on this. No, my findings are crystal clear and validated, and the verdict has been reached; BlackBerry users, generally speaking, are a helpful bunch, and love nothing more than to be able share their BlackBerry knowledge, jump in and help out one of their own, or give their opinions to all and sundry regarding BlackBerry experiences.

I love it, and so glad to be part of this intriguing bunch!

So if I can help you, if you would like to share something with me, or even connect with me on multiple sites, please do, and together we can pay it forward.

Love the BlackBerry.

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