Thursday, May 14, 2009

Universal Keyboard (Blue Tooth)

The BlackBerry's qwerty keyboard is a big favourite of mine, and one feature that I really do enjoy (and whilst I have a BlackBerry Pearl with suretype, it's just not quite the same). I have mastered the art of BlackBerry thumbing (not typing), using my two thumbs to good effect. I can easily bash out an email, or tweet on twitter, but using the BlackBerry's keyboard, but when it comes time for ereally long emails, blogs etc, then the Universal Keyboard is a must have, in my books.
Connected to the BlackBerry via Blue tooth, just like any handsfree device, or external speakers can be, this keyboard gives you in short a larger keyboard from which a higher wpm rate can be achieved. It runs on 2 AAA batteries, and has a handy cradle in which to sit your BlackBerry in, using the BlackBerry's screen as you would normally.
An absolute boon to have blogging, over a cup of coffee anywhere. For more information, go along to

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