Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The BlackBerry email itch... it's contagious

In your current group of friends and/or colleagues, how many are BlackBerry users? In my group, at really any given time, there is at least three BlackBerry users, and sometimes up to eight.

One of the BlackBerry claims to fame is the ability to remain in contact with your friends and colleagues, wherever you are (providing you have phone range of course). But it has a darker side... BlackBerry users are some of the most vigilant handset watchers out there!

Here's the test...

Next time you are with a group of BlackBerry users, have someone send you an email (or perhaps you get then constantly anyway), or tweet from twitter. When you receive the email (and for me, the only way you would know is the flashing LED light, as my emails and twitter applications do not have an alert), pull out your BlackBerry, open the email, read it and reply (or read the tweet, and then tweet a reply).

Now see what the others are doing...

Yep, that's right. Guaranteed, they all will have their own BlackBerry devices out, checking and/or reading the latest email/tweet... they could not simply help themselves, but to look at their own BlackBerry devices... the BlackBerry itch has struck again!

I have never seen a group of Nokia or iPhone users do a similar thing... it seems to be BlackBerry centric, and we just can't help ourselves.

The BlackBerry itch... it's contagious!

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