Thursday, January 22, 2009

The simple things in life: time to enjoy them

The Managing Director of the company I work for (Priority Management: took me out for dinner last night, as we were both in Melbourne (Brisbane is home for both him and I) for the week, working from the Hawthorn office. So we caught the train into Flinders Street (from Glenferrie) and walked across the bridge to SouthBank.

We selected a restaurant close to the water and boulevard, and were able to simply watch the world go by. Now, I don't know about you, but I am fascinated by watching people go about their daily lives (and no, those reality type TV programs just don't do it for me), and it was a simple pleasure to do this... it really didn't cost anything, you can learn a lot about a city from the people you see, and you get to see people really from all walks of life, race, colour and creed. From a mulitcultural level, I believe Melbourne does it better than any other Australian city.

I watched in amazement when Richard (our Managing Director) burst into French, when he discovered a french gentleman waiting nearby... amazing (reminds me, I must get back into my Hindi learning).

We caught the train back to Hawthorn, but this time, disembarked at Hawthorn station and walked to the Glenferrie Hotel (where the company normally puts it's people), but before we went our separate ways, we decided (well Richard insisted) to have a couple of ales at a little bar near the Glenferrie Hotel (the Glenferrie Hotel is currently undergoing some massive renovations in the bar area).

Again, the act of having a beer (or two) and actually talking casually is really a simple thing to do, but ultimately a very rewarding past time.

We forget that some of the simple things in life, normally the ones we actually don't think about, or overlook, are some of the most rewarding occurences in our lives, and are usually the things which balance out the busy, over crowded lives we lead.

So the next time you are feeling perhaps a little overwhelmed, or frazzled, find a nice spot, sit down and let the world pass you right on by.... allow yourself to stop.

Enjoy the simple things in your life, make a mental note of them, and see how they give you some badly needed balance.

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