Friday, November 7, 2008

BlackBerry: master of communications

Upfront, I will admit to being a BlackBerry fan... even go as far to say a CrackBerry addictwas, so upfront you know I am biased.

I am on my fourth BlackBerry... from a 7100, drifted to the "dark side" with a Nokia E61 (BlackBerry connect,of course), then back on track with a 8100 Pearl, 8300 Curve and now a 9000 Bold. And each one has been a forward step forward... well, the Bold was more of a leap forward,but you get the picture.

Now standard, the Bold has email (upto 10 separate email addresses), phone, sms, mms, BlackBerry messenger... now add a couple of third party applications, and you add to your communications arsenal: instant messaging, twitter, flickr, voice assistance, and Voip / Skype.

So really.... something for everyone's taste... whatever your communicating requirements, the BlackBerry Bold appears to have it covered, which lends the Bold well for both the traditional role of a business SmartPhone, and that of a SmartPhone for the technologically savvy personal user.

And the really good thing... not all my friends / clients / peers prefer the one type of communication means, which means I have choices to suit each one.... and I can also actually sit down with any of them and just talk.

My thoughts for now.


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  1. Someone definitely likes the BlackBerry Bold here! LOL